Orion Dobson telescope N 203/1200 SkyQuest XT8g DOB GoTo - JCO drone
Orion Dobson telescope N 203/1200 SkyQuest XT8g DOB GoTo - JCO drone
Orion Dobson telescope N 203/1200 SkyQuest XT8g DOB GoTo - JCO drone

Orion Dobson telescope N 203/1200 SkyQuest XT8g DOB GoTo

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Why Should You Buy Orion Dobson telescope N 203/1200 SkyQuest XT8g DOB GoTo?

Orion Dobson telescope N 203/1200 SkyQuest XT8g DOB GoTo

The Orion SkyQuest telescope:


The optics of this Newtonian reflector telescope are of Orion's customary high quality. The soda lime glass mirror is supplied with high-quality aluminium and silicon dioxide coatings. Focusing on models up to 150mm aperture is via a 1.25" rack-and-pinion drive, and from 203mm aperture a 2" Crayford focuser is used.


The Dobsonian base turns on smoothly running Teflon bearings, so allowing jerk-free, effortless movement of the telescope. The tube holds position as it is suspended in perfect balance. The components of the telescope are both easy to handle and light; the telescope is eminently portable and can be assembled in just a few steps and without specialist knowledge or tools. The entire construction distinguishes itself by its insensitivity to wind and its stability.


SynScan GoTo control transforms the SkyQuest into a fully fledged GoTo telescope. After you have aligned the mount to the Pole Star, the device is set up for use by means of a straightforward two star alignment. More than 32,000 objects from the internal database are then at your disposal. The telescope slews to the desired destination at the press of a button and tracks it automatically. Control is via the SynScan hand control box.



                                          Type  Reflector
                                          Type of build Newton
                                          Aperture (mm) 203
                                          Focal length (mm) 1200
                                          Aperture ratio (f/) 5,9
                                          Resolving capacity 0,57
                                          Limit value (mag) 13,3
                                          Light gathering capacity 840
                                          Max. useful magnification 406
                                          Tube construction Full tube
                                          Tube weight (kg) 14,8
                                          Tube length (mm) 1130
                                          Tube material Steel
                                          Coating Aluminium and silicon dioxide


                                          Main mirror´s construction parabolic
                                          Primary mirror - Material Plate glass
                                          Ventilation for central mirror optional
                                          Secondary mirror diameter (mm) 47
                                          Secondary mirror obstruction 23


                                          Type of build Crayford
                                          Connection ( to eyepiece) 2
                                          Gear reduction 1:10 Fine movement


                                          GoTo control yes
                                          Type of build Dobson
                                          Mounting type Dobson
                                          Power supply 12
                                          Power consumption (mA) 2000
                                          Tracking yes

                                          GoTo control

                                          Database 42.900
                                          Alignment method 2-star, Fast
                                          Interfaces Aux, RS232
                                          Hand controller SynScan


                                          Type Rockerbox
                                          Material Wood
                                          Colour black
                                          Weight (kg) 8,9

                                          Included accessories

                                          2'' eyepieces DV 28mm
                                          1.25'' eyepieces PL 12,5mm
                                          Finder scope Red dot finder


                                          Series SkyQuest
                                          Total weight (kg) 23,8

                                          Area of application

                                          Nature Observation no
                                          Moon & Planets yes
                                          Nebulae & galaxies yes
                                          Astrophotography not recommended
                                          Sun not recommended (Only with appropriate Sun filter)

                                          recommended for

                                          Beginners yes
                                          Advanced yes
                                          Observatories no
                                          en English