About us

We are JCO drone, a part of the company JCO advance IVS, based in Ishøj, Denmark.

In 2018 we wanted to combine decades of experience in IT, marketing and management consultancy with the love of seeing the world from above in high definition - and that was how the idea behind JCO drone developed.

In essense, the idea is to make it easier for companies to gather and analyse data about their work sites. This makes higher work efficiency possible, and it enables the companies to work with models of sites and buildings etc., which is more and more a requirement to work in e.g. construction. As a side effect, costs tend to go down, and risks are minimized. 

We want to offer the full package, so we sell drones, sensors, software and drone courses, through business partners, and we help business customers daily with our drone services.




If you want to reach us, click the Messenger icon or send us an e-mail on support@jcodrone.dk. We shall get back to you as soon as possible.





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