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Orion Maksutov telescope MC 180/2700 Sirius HEQ-5 GoTo

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Why Should You Buy Orion Maksutov telescope MC 180/2700 Sirius HEQ-5 GoTo?

Orion Maksutov telescope MC 180/2700 Sirius HEQ-5 GoTo

The MC Orion 180/2700 telescope:


Are you looking for something that will satisfy your appetite for performance? Then try a 'Big Mak'! This 180mm OTA guarantees super-sharp, high-contrast images, with a wealth of detail. With almost 45% more light gathering capacity than the smaller 150mm Maksutov, you get better resolution and brighter images. No other optical system delivers this performance; and at 560mm in length and barely 7.3 kg in weight, it is both compact and portable. With this reflector, there is nothing standing in the way of a great night's observing, except perhaps for a few clouds!


The advantages in a nutshell:

  • compact, high performance OTA
  • high-contrast image
  • suitable for astrophotography


The Orion Sirius GoTo mount:


The easy operation of this GoTo mount, with its hand controller and a database of 42,900 objects, greatly simplifies the location of a great number of stars and nebulae. The sturdy mount can support OTAs of up to 13.5 kg in weight.


Included with the mount:

  • robust mount
  • suitable counterweights
  • tripod

Our expert comment:

Maksutov telescopes have their own thread, which is different to the SC thread. This means that an additional Adapter is required. Using this, then makes the extensive range of accessories for Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes available for use.



                            Type Reflector 
                            Type of build Maksutov
                            Aperture (mm) 180
                            Focal length (mm) 2700
                            Aperture ratio (f/) 15
                            Resolving capacity 0,64
                            Limit value (mag) 13,1
                            Light gathering capacity 660
                            Max. useful magnification 360


                            Type of build SC thread
                            Connection ( to eyepiece) 1,25"


                            Mounting type Equatorial
                            Type of build Sirius
                            GoTo control yes
                            Power supply 12
                            Power consumption (mA) 2000
                            Tracking yes

                            GoTo control

                            Database 42.900
                            Software SynScan


                            Type Tripod
                            Material Steel

                            Included accessories

                            1.25'' eyepieces SPL 25mm
                            Finder scope 9x50

                            Area of application

                            Moon & Planets yes
                            Nebulae & galaxies yes
                            Astrophotography no
                            Nature Observation not recommended
                            Sun not recommended (Only with appropriate Sun filter)

                            recommended for

                            Beginners yes
                            Advanced yes
                            Experienced amateurs no
                            Observatories no
                            en English